Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Caribe Caribbean Bistro Now Open

Some photos of the dining room

The Grilled Cuban Sandwich, served with pineapple mango cole slaw and plantain chips

Heidi (me) with the new sidewalk sign

Wow, it's been a long time since I blogged. With the whirlwind of activity since we took over Jay's Cafe to turn it into Caribe, it's been easier for me to type a sentence here & there on Facebook and Twitter. But today is a big day...worthy of blogging. Today the new 20 foot yellow awning with the "Caribe" logo was installed on our building. Which means we are officially to be called "Caribe" now, and no longer Jay's Cafe.

As many of you who have frequented the restaurant know, it's been a work in progress since December when we took over. I've been sneaking in the building after hours to work on painting the walls, with the help of family and friends, and the interior is nearly finished. Still some projects to do, but the whole place looks different already with bright, bold colors, tropical foliage, and soon a mural will cover the one remaining white wall.

Tony's been slowly adding to the menu since we took over, too, and it's been great to get your feedback on the new dishes. Breakfast on the weekends continues to be our busiest days, but once we complete the kitchen and change the dinner menu (lots of new appetizers and some tasty new entrees!), we're confident Caribe will be just as popular as a dinner destination.

Speaking of the kitchen, an important date to make a note of is March 29th. That day we will be closing down for a couple of weeks as we have our kitchen remodeled. We are having a huge new hood system put in, which means holes cut in the ceiling, duct work relocated, electrical, gas, plumbing...all of that worked on. Once that new hood system is in place, we can hook up a deep fryer and grill, which will add several new dishes to our menu!

Until then, we are open and would love to have you stop in. We appreciate our loyal customers more than you know and it's you who have carried us through this challenging transition time.

We're so excited for spring and for all the new projects we have in the works. I'll keep you posted here, and as always, on Facebook, too!

Heidi (the chef's wife)

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