Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We have a winner!

We chose Christine F.'s entry as the winner. Christine nominated her mom, Melinda to win the two VIP dinner tickets to the Dole Banana Dinner.
Congratulations Melinda!

Here is Christine's entry:

Good Evening and thank you for the chance to win tickets to your VIP Dole Banana Dinner.

I'm excited to nominate my mom, Melinda, for the honor. I believe she would enjoy an evening on the town as a break from the craziness of her everyday life. Things in her world are truly "bananas!" Not only does Mom work as a high school principal's secretary, she helps organize the scheduling of all the 2000+ students in the school (no small task). When her work day is done, Mom comes home to the house we share with our crazy dog, who has yet to realize he's a dog. One of their favorite snack foods to share actually happens to be bananas (though if it comes in the form of her home baked banana bread he's even happier). Finally, Mom lends constant support to a network of friends and family around the country without a complaint. I rarely see her take a moment out of the day for herself, and I would think that enjoying your VIP Dole banana dinner would have great "a-peel" to her.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you could consider "Dole"-ing out the banana dinner honor to my amazing mom, Melinda.

Best Regards,
Christine F.

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